National Amateur Award Program Overview & Requirements

Special Amateur Awards:
In an effort to encourage involvement with small equine, the Amateur Committee of the ASPC/AMHR/ASPR conducts a number of special awards and programs for Amateur members. Full information on each is available on this website as well as by calling the national home office. As changes and modifications are made to the program, the Amateur information on the website will include the most up-to-date information on all Amateur Programs and Activities.

Important Note: Amateurs MUST BE an amateur member of the ASPC/AMHR/ASPR to participate in Amateur Programs or to be eligible for amateur awards.

Amateur Incentive Program

Amateur Incentive - Gelding:
The ASPC, Inc., conducts a Gelding Incentive Program offering cash prizes for entries in special Amateur Gelding Incentive classes at specified shows.

The incentives are specific classes and are separate from other ASPC, Inc., approved classes. No All-Star Points are awarded in the incentive classes. The following incentives will be offered:
Classic Amateur Gelding Incentive
Foundation Shetland Amateur Gelding Incentive
Modern Amateur Gelding Incentive
Modern Pleasure Gelding Incentive
Show Pony Gelding Incentive
AMHR Amateur Gelding Incentive-Under Division
AMHR Amateur Gelding Incentive-Over Division

Amateur Incentive-Mare Jackpot:
The ASPC Inc., conducts a Mare Jackpot Incentive Program offering cash prizes for entries in special Mare Jackpot Incentive classes at ASPC/ASPR Congress and AMHR National Show.

The Mare Jackpot Incentives are specific classes and are separate from other ASPC/AMHR/ASPR approved classes. No All-Star points are awarded in the Mare Jackpot Incentive Classes. The following incentives will be offered:
Classic Mare
Foundation Mare
Modern Mare
Modern Pleasure Mare
AMHR Mare-Under Division
AMHR Mare - Over Division

Rules  - Incentive Program

  1. The owner of record of the animal competing must be the amateur person who actually exhibits the horse or pony in the Incentive class.
  2. All leases on horses used in Amateur Incentive classes must be recorded, processed and completed through the Registry prior to December 31st of the current show year. Any lease done after January 1st, the amateur cannot participate in any amateur incentive classes.
  3. An amateur-owner/animal team may compete at more than one Area Show. They may also compete more than once at the ASPC/ASPR Congress or AMHR National Show.
  4. In the event a first prize winning animal is sold to another amateur, the new owner may compete as though the pony/horse had not previously competed.
  5. In the event that an animal/handler team is disqualified from any place for any reason, animal/exhibitor teams placing after the disqualified entry will be moved up on placing.


Monetary awards will be determined based on funding from the ASPC/AMHR/ASPR. All Area Shows will be funded identically with money being identical in each incentive class. Mondtary awards at the ASPC/ASPR Congress and AMHR National Show shall be more than the amount awarded at the Area Show.

Amateur Program Awards

Upon completion of a local show, the show secretary will return the paperwork within 10 days of closed show to the Amateur Committee and the winner from said show will be notified by Amateur Committee and all award information will be mailed to winner.

There shall be a Shetland and Miniature Amateur High Point Award from each local show.

Amateur End of Year Awards:
Miniature Halter - Under
Miniature Performance - Under
Miniature Halter - Over
Miniature Performance - Over
Classic Halter (includes Foundation)
Classic Performance (includes Foundation)
Modern Halter (includes Modern Pleasure)
Modern Performance (includes Modern Pleasure)
Show Pony Halter
Show Pony Performance
Supreme Amateur Miniature (Halter, Driving, Performance)
Supreme Amateur Shetland (Halter, Driving, Performance)
Amateur Companion Program
Amateur Excellence Program

ASPC/ASPR Congress & AMHR National Show Awards:

ASPC/ASPR Congress Amateur Awards
Modern Pleasure
Show Pony
All Around Pony

AMHR National Show Amateur Awards
Miniature Halter- Under
Miniature Performance - Under
All Around Mini - Under
Miniature Halter - Over
Miniature Performance - Over
All Around Mini - Over

Amateur Award of Excellence

This award was founded to provide a permanent show record for Amateur Exhibitors.  An exhibitor must acquire 70 points in any one class to achieve the Award of Excellence in that class.  Award of Excellence points are given for all individual amateur classes.  Triple Award of Excellence points will be awarded at National Area Shows, AMHR Nationals, and ASPC/ASPR Congress.  These awards will stay with the Amateur/Animal combination.  If the animal is sold to another amateur, points for that person start over with that person/animal combination.

Amateur Award of Excellence Rules

1.  Amateur Division-Exhibitors in this division must be 18 years of age or older, a current senior member of ASPC/AMHR/ASPR, and Amateur cards will be required.

2.  Ownership Requirements - In order to be eligible for this Amateur Award of Excellence, the horse/pony must be owned by the Amateur and/or the Amateur's family.

3.  For show purposes the term "Family" includes husband, wife, parent, step-parent, guardian, child, step-child, brother, half-brother, sister, half-sister, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin, grandmother, grandfather, grandchildren, step-grandchildren, and in-laws of the same relation as stated, and solely family owned corporation, ranch, or farm.  Such ownership must be evidenced by the records fo ASPC/AMHR/ASPR and the animal's registration certificate at the time the horse/pony is entered in any Amateur class.

4.  Leased Horses/Ponies - Leased horses/ponies are eligible provided a lease notification form has been filed at the Registry Office, and said lessee (or family member) is shown on the registration papers.

5.  Competitive Unit - A competitive unit shall consist of one amateur and one ASPC/AMHR/ASPR registered animal.

6.  Animals may cross enter between youth, amateur, and open classes at the same show.  However, Award of Excellence points will follow each separate handler/animal combination in their eligible classes. 

7.  Points - To be earned by one Amateur and one registered animal in Amateur classes only.  An Amateur may exhibit more than one horse/pony; however, the points earned by the Amateur with each animal will be compiled separately.  Points may not be transferred from one animal to another or from one handler to another.  An exhibitor must acquire 70 points in any one class to achieve the Award of Excellence in that class.  Points shall be awarded using the same point system currently used for Hall of Fame with points given to all individual Amateur classes.