ASPC Futurity

The Futurity is a breeding program designed to promote and encourage a breeder to breed the best quality show horse possible by selecting correct mares and using stallions to compliment the mares. It gives a breeder a chance to use his/her judgement. The ASPC Futurity includes a Classic/Foundation Futurity as well as Modern/Modern Pleasure Futurity.


The Classic/Foundation Futurity is a five year program (Weanling, Yearling, 2 Year Old, 3 Year Old and 4 year Old).

The Modern/Modern Pleasure is a four year program (Weanling, Yearling, 2 Year Old and 3 Year Old)

Please Note you may decide to nominate and sustain BOTH the Modern/Modern Pleasure and the Classic/Foundation Futurity but you are only allowed to show in one).

You must be a current member in good standing to enter the Futurity.
Foals MUST be Registered by Dec 31st of the foaling year.

Animal Eligibility

  • Animals must be registered with ASPC and meet current height requirements
    (46" & Under for Modern/Modern Pleasure)
  • All animals must be measured to show
  • Mares must be 3 years old at time of foaling
  • Stallions must be 2 years old to breed


  • Nomination forms must be completed & submitted by March 1st (Regular mail or email with credit card information)
  • Foals become eligible if the Sire & Dam were nominated in the Futurity year.
  • Stallion Nominating Fee = $25.00
  • Mare Nominating Fee = $10.00 ($5.00 of each nomination fee will be distributed in the Area Futurities)
  • A Stallion may breed outside Mares, yet the fee is only paid once

Sustaining Procedure

  • Forms must be completed & submitted by March 1st (Regular mail or email with credit card information)
  • A foal, whose parents were nominated the prior year, must be sustained as a Yearling, Two-Year-Old, Three-Year-Old and Four-Year-Old in order to remain in the Futurity program for the five year duration. Failure to sustain the animal in any year will eliminate its eligibility.

Starting in 2016. If a foal was originally nominated and the owner neglected to sustain, that foal may be re-entered in the futurity by paying a late fee of $100.00 and the back sustaining fee.

  • Yearling Sustaining Fee = $10.00
  • Two Year Old Sustaining Fee = $10.00
  • Three Year Old Sustaining Fee = $20.00
  • Four Year Old Sustaining Fee (For Classic/Foundation) = $20.00 (Only horses that did NOT drive in the 3 year old futurity driving may participate)

All sustaining years can be prepaid if so desired.

Class Entry Fees

  • Entry fees are added to the Futurity payout each year
  • Weanling Class Fee = $10.00
  • Yearling Class Fee = $10.00
  • Two Year Old Class Fee = $10.00
  • Three Year Old Class Fee = $20.00 per class entered
  • Four Year Old Class Fee (For Classic/Foundation) = $20.00 per class entered

Class entry fees are only paid  if the animal is entered into a class. Failure to enter in a particular year DOES NOT eliminate the animal from showing the next year, provided the animal has been sustained on a continued basis.

The Classic/Foundation Futurity is held at the ASPC Congress Show and they are also at the Area National Shows. All Classic/Foundation Futurity Classes are required on the Area Shows class list.

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