2018 marks the 130th anniversary of the American Shetland Pony Club. We celebrated by giving 130 prizes away throughout 2018. Winners were drawn from current paid memberships so renew your membership today or join our great organization and share your love for Shetland ponies and miniature horses! American Shetland Pony Club, Inc. includes five registries: ASPC, AMHR, ASPR, NSPPR & ASPIR and continues to grow and thrive. Thank you to all members, supporters and contributors and congratulations on continuing the education, support and preservation of the small equine we represent!

Winners are picked by a random number generator from a list of current paid memberships and, on occasion, drawn from a designated group (i.e., response to a particular facebook post or call to action). Some items may be available for purchase at www.shopshetlandmini.com.

Thank you to all of our participants throughout 2018 and all of our member support throughout the last 130 years!

Congratulations to all our winners!

Day 1 - Carol Beachy of Millersburg, OH. She won a horse basket filled with an XL "LOVE" t-shirt, tumbler, ceramic coffee mug, journal and embroidered patch. Congratulations, Carol!
Day 1 Prize
Day 2
 - Karen Hunter of NC. With Stallion reports due soon, we thought a cute little stuffed horse would be a great reminder. Karen also received a $10 credit on her account (the fee for a stallion report if postmarked by January 15th). 26231870 1540129036023224 8234857405712836741 o
Day 3
 - Beverly Jackson of Vinton, IA is the winner of this ASPC/AMHR blanket. This giveaway seemed appropriate for National Cut Your Energy Costs Day!
Day 3 blanket
Day 4 -Dinah Peevy, Clarkesville, GA, won these two baseball hats with our logos on this 4th day of 130 days of giveaways!  (Jan 15th is National Hat Day!)hats

Day 5 - Sherri Jolliff of West Plains, MO, is the winner of this tumbler and 5 Krunch bars on Day 5!tumbler krunch

Day 6 - Deborah Hooper, Cromwell, IA, was the winner on National Popcorn Day!  She won a bag of Gourmet popcorn and an ASPC tote bag.26993553 1550448784991249 5321721598687442925 n

Day 7 - Valerie Marlow of Greenwood, FL, won our Shetland jersey on Day 7 of 130 Days of Giveaways. ("Casey at the Bat" was first published in 1888)back baseball jersey

Day 8 - Aubrey Overcash, Mt. Ulla, NC, won two ball caps, one pink and one dark blue, on National Compliment Day (Hats Off!!)ballcaps

Day 9 - Richard Booker of Canton, MS, won a quarter page color ad in the April/May All Star issue of The Journal.  Congratulations, Richard!

 Day 10 - Congratulations, Abrielle Tembreull of Pierz, MN!  To recognize that the ballpoint pen was first patented in 1888 she won some of our ASPC ballpoint pens, a journal, and a pack-away shopping tote. pens

 Day 11 - Maureen Matheson of Roberts, ID, won a 20 oz tumbler filled with 5 dark chocolate bars on National Dark Chocolate Day.  Congratulations, Maureen!
dark chocolate

Day 12 - Congratulations to Dee Johnson of Stillwater, OK.  She was the winner of our cute little "Sparkle" and a $10 gift certificate in honor of the first horse registered with the American Shetland Pony Club in 1888.
day 12

Day 13 - Pamela Costin of Antlers, OK, was our Day 13 winner of a pink baseball cap and woman's polo in honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day.  Congratulations, Pamela!Day 13

Day 14 - In honor of the Winter Olympics and Ski Joring (horse drawn ski racing), our Day 14 giveaway is a sport polo and logo patch.  Congratulations, Molly Vosburg of Roy, WA!Day 14

Day 15 - Congratulations to Anita Clark of McNeal, AZ!  She's the winner of our 20 oz. tumbler filled with gumdrops  on National Gumdrop Day!
gumdrops cup

Day 16 - Our first youth winner was drawn on Valentine's Day.  She won our cute little horse, "Sparkle", a youth "Love" tee-shirt, and some candy bars.  Congratulations Abigale Boldt of North Liberty, IA! 
20180214 125755

 Day 17 - Congratulations goes to Kay Broad of Cornwall, UK!  She is the winner of our "Love" tee-shirt and our cuddly little "Sparkle" on this National Love Your Pet Day. 
day 17 
Day 18 - In honor of any of our members that are or were Girl Guides or Girl Scouts, we're giving away this baseball jersey and baseball cap on World Thinking Day.  Congratulations Anna Johnson of Grants Pass, OR!
day 18

Day 19 - Congratulations to Diana Trainor of Queensland, Australia!  She won a 20 oz tumbler and handy stow-away tote on Skip the Straw Day.
skip the straw
Day 20 - We're giving away a Miniature Horse tee-shirt and ballcap for National Horse Protection Day.  Congratulations goes to James Bruggink of Byron Center, MI!
Day 20 Copy
Day 21 - Congratulations to Lisa Voirol of Spencerville, IN, who will receive one of our 2018 calendars, a padfolio and some pens!
old stuff day

Day 22 - The cost of a train ticket in 1888 would be .0225 per passenger mile and would've cost today's winner of a 20 oz Tumbler filled with delicious candy bars $12.60 to make that trip.  Congratulations goes to Fran Klavohn of Wataga, IL!
Day 22

 Day 23 - Congratulations to Elizabeth Nutt of Sherwood Park, Alberta!  She's the winner of a tee shirt in our 23rd drawing of 130 Days of Giveaways.
Day 24 - Today's winner of one pink and one blue ball cap on this International Women's Day is Joan Rowland of Owego, NY.  Congratulations, Joan!!
day 24

Day 25 - Our Day 25 Giveaway winner is Koren Gravell of Holbart, NY! She will receive this adorable horse basket filled with ASPC/AMHR/ASPR Springtime goodies.

day 25 giveaway

Day 26 - The winner of our Day 26 Giveaway is Tanya Wright of Richland, MI! Tanya will receive this 12x12" magnet and 20 oz thermos, our two newest web store products! Congratulations Tanya!

Giveaway 26

Day 27 - The winner of our Day 27 Giveaway is Fran Leslie Emmett of Webberville, MI! Fran shared that her favorite memory was her very first show horse Casino MTP Beep Beep Move Over winning 30-32 Western Country Stake Champion! Fran will receive a $25 coupon to the web store at shopshetlandmini.com.

130Giveaway day27 2

Day 28 - Along with celebrating National Volunteer Week, we randomly selected a winner for the Day 28 Giveaway! The winner of a $25 Visa giftcard is Pamela Allen of Liberty, NC! Congratulations Pamela!

130Giveaway day28

Day 29 - The winner of the Day 29 Giveaway is Russ Brincks of Elma, IA! Russ will receive this ASPC/AMHR/ASPR merchandise bundle featuring a cap and mug from our webstore! Congratulations, Russ!

day 29

Day 30 - The winner of our Day 30 Giveaway is Donna Phillips of Harrodsburg, KY! She will receive this exclusive ASPC/AMHR/ASPR hat and horse plushie! Congratulations, Donna!


Day 31 - The winner of Day 31 is Viki Reeves of Mariposa, CA! Congratulations, Viki!

Day 31

Day 32 - The winner of this giveaway is Susan Valle of Myrtle Point, OR! She will receive this ASPC/AMHR/ASPR shopping tote containing a mystery number of delicious candy bars! Congratulations Susan!

day 32

Day 33 - The winner of Day 33 is Amy Price of Anamose, IA! Amy will receive this ASPC/AMHR/ASPR tumbler with a secret shirt inside of it! Congratulations, Amy!

Day33 small

Day 34 - Our Day 34 Giveaway is one of these great mugs and some our new logo patches! The randomly selected winner is Joseph Hoyer of Marshall, TX! Congratulations, Joseph!

Day 34

Day 35 - The randomly drawn Day 35 winner from our comments is Kelsey Dahl of Paris, KY! She will be receiving one of our branded Sport-Tek polos. Congratulations Kelsey!


Day 36 - For our Day 36 Giveaway and Memorial Day weekend, we did a 15% off sale on our web store!

MemDay Giveaway

Day 37 - The winner of this ASPC/AMHR/ASPR RTIC tumbler is Courtney Howe of Eagle, NE! She will also find a surprise gift stuffed inside! Congratulations, Courtney!

day37 small

Day 38 - For Giveaway Day 38 we're giving away this padfolio and two pens to Lisa Cisneros of Briggsdale, CO! Congratulations, Lisa!

Day 38 small

Day 39 - For Day 39 you had to like the post and comment with a picture of your favorite horse or pony for a chance to win! The randomly selected winner of one of our branded baseball tees was Dottie Leinweber of Bandera, TX! Congratulations, Dottie!


Day 40 - Today's winner is Hannah Logan of Alberta, Canada! She will receive one of our great baseball caps with the ASPC/AMHR/ASPR logo embroidered on the front! Congratulations, Hannah!


Day 41 -The winner of our Day 41 Giveaway is Mary Breckling of Crosby, TX! Mary was one of the many who sent in the answer to our trivia question: Who was the 2010 Breeder of the Year in the Classic category? The correct answer was Richard or Jacque Mason from Wimberly, TX! Mary will receive this ASPC/AMHR/ASPR mug and horse plushie. Congratulations, Mary!


Day 42 - The winner of our Day 41 Giveaway is Mary Breckling of Crosby, TX! Mary was one of the many who sent in the answer to our trivia question: Who was the 2010 Breeder of the Year in the Classic category? The correct answer was Richard or Jacque Mason from Wimberly, TX! Mary will receive this ASPC/AMHR/ASPR mug and horse plushie. Congratulations, Mary!


Day 43 - These two ASPC baseball caps will go to Beth Booker of Canton, MS! Congratulations, Beth!


Day 44 - Melinda Selk of Dysart, IA, will receive a coupon for 20% off a merchandise order at our web store, shopshetlandmini.com! Congratulations Melinda and happy shopping!


Day 45 - Today's winner is William Reiter of Columbus, MT! William will receive one of our ASPC/AMHR/ASPR RTIC tumblers and a Concentrated Awesome tee with the classic logo on the front. Congratulations, William!


Day 46 - For Day 46 we have one of our classic ASPC/AMHR/ASPR mugs with some extras like candy bars and pens! The randomly selected winner is Hazel Gibbs of Prince George, BC! Congratulations, Hazel!


Day 47 - Today's giveaway winner is Heather Schmueckle of Lancaster, OH! Heather will receive one of our brand new ASPC/AMHR/ASPR PROUD shirts! Congratulations, Heather!


Day 48 - For Giveaway Day 48 we have one of our new pink ASPC/AMHR/ASPR caps that was featured at National Congress' Ladies' Night! The winner is Sheryl Stewart of Bruce Township, MI! Congratulations, Sheryl!


Day 49 - It's time for a random giveaway for Day 49! The randomly selected winner is Brande Austin of Juda, WI! Brande will receive one our ASPC/AMHR/ASPR branded tumblers with a surprise shirt inside! (hint: it's new!) Congratulations, Brande!


Day 50 - The winner of our Day 50 Instagram Giveaway yesterday was Kay Orangias of Plymouth, IN! Kay will receive a code for 20% off on our webstore at shopshetlandmini.com! Congratulations, Kay!


Day 51 - The winner of Day 51 is Tim Bush of Princeton, MN! Tim will receive one of our classic ASPC/AMHR/ASPR branded baseball caps and one of the new PROUD tees in blue! Congratulations, Tim!


Day 52 - For today's Giveaway Day 52 we have two of our classic shirts. The randomly selected winner is Tamra Melby of Cathay, ND! Congratulations, Tamra!


Day 53 - In honor of the school starting back up, we're giving away one of our ASPC/AMHR/ASPR branded padfolios and some pens for Giveaway Day 53! Our randomly selected winner is Georgetta Miears of Tuttle, OK! Congratulations Georgetta!


Day 54 - For our Day 54 Giveaway we have one of our adorable horse plushies and a few logo patches! The selected winner from our membership is Carrie Rudeen, of Randolph, MN! Congratulations, Carrie!


Day 55 - Did you know that yesterday was National Read a Book Day? For our Day 55 Giveaway, we're giving away a copy of this wonderful resource, The Big Book of Small Equines! The randomly selected winner of Day 55 is Merry Black of Summerfield, NC! Congratulations, Merry!


Day 56 - Today's random giveaway for Day 56 of our 130 Days of Giveaways is another branded RTIC tumbler! These tumblers are durable and great for all seasons. The winner of Day 56 is Laura Walters of Ocala, FL! Congratulations Laura!


Day 57 - It's Giveaway Day 57 and we've got a chance to win one of our branded polo tees! Like this post and leave a comment before for a chance to win! The names were shuffled and the randomly chosen winner is Lillian Kateman of Fenton, MI! Congratulations, Lillian!


Day 58 - The winner of Day 58 is Pat Henry of Poplar Grove, IL! She will receive both the tumbler and one of our new PROUD shirts! Congratulations, Pat!


Day 59 - Marsha Cloutier of Barton, VT is the randomly selected winner of our day 59 Giveaway! Congratulations, Marsha!


Day 60 - The randomly selected winner of day 60 is Diane Edwards of Suffolk, VA! She will receive one of our great 12x12" car magnets with the ASPC/AMHR/ASPR logo on it. Congratulations, Diane!


Day 61 - For Day 61 of our 130 Days of Giveaways, we have one of our gray caps sporting one of our old logos paired with one of our horse plushies! The randomly selected winner is Sara Peacock of Weston, NE! Congratulations, Sara!


Day 62 - The randomly selected winner of these two keychains for Day 62 is Kim Harper of Gurdon, AR! Congratulations Kim!


Day 63 - For Day 63 we have one of our ladies' fit polos with a white and red version of the ASPC/AMHR/ASPR logo embroidered on the front. The randomly selected winner of the Day 63 is Laura Imhoff of Orrville, OH! Congratulations, Laura!


Day 64 - The randomly chosen winner from the membership is Shauna Lidikay of Fillmore, CA! Congratulations, Shauna!


Day 65 - The winner of Day 65 is Kay Kuhl! Congratulations, Kay!


Day 66 - The randomly selected winner of Day 66 is Patsy Egeland of Clarks, NE! Congratulations Patsy!!


Day 67 - Our randomly selected winner out of the correct answers is Kathy Howard of Beaverton, OR! Congratulations, Kathy!


Day 68 - The randomly selected winner from our membership is Amber Offield of Laguna Beach, CA! Congratulations, Amber!!


Day 69 - The randomly selected winner of this wintery merch is Kathleen Robertson of Meridian, TX! Congratulations, Kathleen!


Day 70 - For Day 70 we have another one of our branded, clear blue tumblers filled with some candy bars. The randomly selected winner is Brenda Brown of Oral, SD!


Day 71 - Brookanna Pickett of Crawfordsville, IN, will be receiving one of our gray baseball caps with the classic ASPC logo on it and an ASPC/AMHR/ASPR lanyard! Congratulations, Brookanna!


Day 72 - The randomly selected winner of Day 72 is Julie Flanigan of Cumberland, ME! Congratulations, Julie!


Day 73 - Congratulations to Jewellea Daily, the randomly selected winner of Day 73!


Day 74 - The winner of Day 74 is Dianna Moser of Waterloo, Indiana! Congratulations, Dianna!


Day 75 - For Day 75 of our 130 Days of Giveaways we've got another random giveaway! Janice Silvio of Allenton, MI, is the winner of this ASPC/AMHR/ASPR can koozie and two pens! Congratulations, Janice!


Day 76 - The winner of Day 76 is Lydia Matthews of San Martin, CA! Congratulations, Lydia!


Day 77 - Congratulations to Kathi Meland, the winner of Day 77!


Day 78 - As winter approaches, it's an important time to stay warm in any way you can! As the winner of our Day 78 Giveaway, Richard Rhoades of Pitsburg, OH, can do that with the help of one of our ASPC/AMHR/ASPR branded tumblers! Congratulations, Richard!


Day 79 - Congratulations to Cheyenne Jimenez, the winner of Day 79!


Day 80 - The winner of Day 80 is Sarah Krukow of Waverly, IA! Congratulations, Sarah!


Day 81 - The randomly selected winner of Day 81 is Louellen Rempel of Vernon, BC! Congratulations, Louellen!


Day 82 - It's Give-A-Way Day 82! The lucky winner of one of our "Proud" t-shirts is...(drum-roll please) Samantha Slagle from Central City, Nebraska! Congratulations Samantha!


Day 83 - Congratulations to #83 Give-a-way winner, Garry Brumm of Crown Point, IN!


Day 84 - Congratulations to #84 Give-a-way winner Amy Price from Bradenton, FL!


Day 85 - Give-A-Way Winner #85 is Carolyn Lowrey from Willcox, AZ ! Congratulations!


Day 86 - Randy Cardoza from Bakersfield, CA is our Give-A-Way #86 Winner! Congratulations!


Day 87 - Give-A-Way Day #87 and our lucky winner is Mike Herron from Adel, IA! Congrats Mike!!!


Day 88 - Today is known as the "National Day of Giving" so we are giving away his/her hats for day 88 to Marilyn Sprague from Burlington, MI! Congratulations Marilyn!!!


Day 89 - The winner of Day 89 is Ayla Spry of Milaca, MN! Congratulations Ayla!


Day 90 - It's Day 90 and we've got another giveaway! Michelle Klatt of Balfour, ND, Will receive this PROUD shirt and keychain! Congratulations, Michelle!


Day 91 - Day 91 of our 130 Days of Giveaways is here! Amy Graham of Emory, TX, will receive one of our new can koozies and a lanyard! Congratulations, Amy!


Day 92 - The randomly selected winner of Day 92 is Rita Jenkins of Yukon, OK! She will receive one of our blue ASPC/AMHR/ASPR branded ball caps. Congratulations, Rita!


Day 93 - Our random giveaway winner for Day 93 is Denise Hinman! She will receive an ASPC/AMHR/ASPR padfolio and some pony club pens. Congratulations, Denise!


Day 94 - Day 94 is here and we have a winner! Michelle McKenzie from Wills Point, TX will receive this size M PROUD shirt! Congratulations, Michelle!


Day 95 - The randomly selected winner is Darla McCauley of Washington, PA! Congratulations, Darla!


Day 96 - Peggy Elchert of Ashland, OH, will receive these two logo patches! Congratulations, Peggy!


Day 97 - The winner of Day 97 is Suzanne Robinson of Vine Grove, KY! She will receive this adorable horse plushie. Congratulations, Suzanne!


Day 98 - The winner of this tumbler is Joyce Scott of Brookings, SD! Congratulations, Joyce!


Day 99 - For Day 99 we're giving away one of these magnets to Deborah Palmer of Azle, TX! Congratulations, Deborah!


Day 100 - The randomly selected winner is Arlie Bowrey of Taylorville, IL. Congratulations, Arlie!


Day 101 - The winner of Day 101 is Donald Knapp of Auburndale, FL! Congratulations, Donald!


Day 102 - The winner is Becca Carmichael of Markdale, Ontario! Congratulations, Becca!


Day 103 - The winner is Geney Ziolkowski of Custer, SD! Congratulations, Geney!


Day 104 - Donald Weeda of Tingley, IA, will receive this padfolio and lanyard! Congratulations, Donald!


Day 105 - For Day 105 we have one of our cute pony plushies and a keychain for the winner, Cindy Newnam of Shawnee, OK! Congratulations, Cindy!


Day 106 - Congratulations to our winner, Mary Heiden of Croswell, MI!


Day 107 - Donna Pettyjohn of Spurger, TX is the winner of one our vintage logo hats! Congratulations, Donna!


Day 108 - Congratulations to Clifton Hanson of Great Falls, MT, our winner!


Day 109 - Congratulations to Shryle Ross-Swartz of Mukilteo, WA for being the winner of Day 109!


Day 110 - Paging Mallory Grayson of Alexandria, OH! Congratulations, Mallory, you're the winner of the Day 110 Giveaway and the new owner of this gray polo!


Day 112 - The winner is Tarah Hannes of Furlong, PA! Congratulations, Tarah!


Day 113 - For our 113th Giveaway, we have one of our light blue tumblers for Kelsey Shingledecker of Austin, TX! Congratulations, Kelsey!


Day 114 - For Day 114, Bridget Edgar has won one of our pink logo hats! Congratulations, Bridget!


Day 115 - For Day 115, we have a branded baseball cap and can koozie for the randomly selected winner, Debby Sims-Boosalis! Congratulations, Debby!


Day 116 - Congratulations to Nadine Kesting of Bondurant, IA, the winner of Day 116!


Day 117 - The Day 117 winner is Rebecca Kachuriak of Prosper, TX! Congratulations, Rebecca!


Day 118 - Our Day 118 winner is Bonnie Harris of Clayton, OH! Congratulations, Bonnie!


Day 119 - A big congratulations to Sarah Orlofske of Rudolph, WI for being the winner of Day 119!


Day 120 - Lisa Judd of Dakota, MN! You are the lucky winner of Day 120! Congratulations!


Day 121 - Merry Christmas to Kayla Gee of Odessa, MO, the lucky winner of Day 121 of our 130 Days of Giveaways! Congratulations, Kayla!


Day 122 - The winner of Giveaway 122 is Beverly Whitener of Dalton, GA! Congratulations, Beverly!


Day 123 - Congratulations to Allegra Cords of Shelburne, VT, for being the lucky winner of Giveaway Day 123!


Day 124 - The lucky winner of Giveaway 124 is Debra Etzweiler of Millersburg, PA! Congratulations, Debra!


Day 125 - Congratulations to Dennis Russell of Parkbeg, SK for being the winner of Day 125!


Day 126 - Daniel VanderWerf Jr! You are the winner of Giveaway 126!


Day 127 - For Day 127 the winner is Ellison Verba of Grand Island, NE! Congratulations, Ellison!


Day 128 - For Giveaway #128, Renee Jackwood of Wooster, OH, has won one of our gray PROUD hoodies! Congratulations, Renee!


Day 129 - Tammy Belless of Evening Shade, AR, is the winner of Giveaway #129! Congratulations, Tammy!


Day 130 - And for the very last of the 130 Days of Giveaways, giveaway #130! Jamie Romo of Leakey, TX, will receive one of our classic horse plushies. Congratulations Jamie!