Rule Change Proposals

Proposed Rule Changes - 

Due January 1 of the Current Convention Year. 
Click here to download Proposed Rule Change Form.

Click here to download Proposed By-Law Change Form.

Below are a list of the Rule Change Proposals and Bylaw Change Proposals for the 2017 Annual Meeting.
Each has been scanned and saved as a pdf file. At the bottom are the rules compiled into a 5-part pdf file.


1 Section IV pdf

2.Section VIII 1.9.pdf

3.Section IV.pdf

4.Section VII 1.48.pdf

5. ASPR.pdf

6. Hunter In Hand.pdf

7. Section III, Part V 5.8.pdf

8. Section 9, 1.8 D.pdf

9. Section 16.4 (E).pdf

10. Section IV 1.9.pdf

11. Section X 4.8.pdf

12. ASPR Leadline.pdf

13. Section XV-L, 2. pdf

14. Section XV - L, 1.pdf

15. Section XV, 1.1.pdf

16. Section X, 3.9.pdf

17. Section XIV 1.2.pdf

18. Section X1 5.4.pdf

19. Section XII 1.4.pdf

20. Section X 1 12.pdf

21. Modern.pdf

22. Section III 3.3.pdf

23. Section II 4.pdf

24. Section II 4.7.pdf

25. Section II 4.7.pdf

26. Section II 4.7.pdf

27. Section Ii 4.7.pdf

28. Program.pdf

29. Section III 3.1.pdf

30. Section II 4.7.pdf

31. Section II 4.7.pdf

32. Section II 5.10.pdf

33. Section II 5.10.pdf

34. Section II 5.10.pdf

35. Section 1II 5.10.pdf

36. Section II 5.10.pdf

37. Section II 5.10.pdf

38. Section II 5.10.pdf

39. Section II 4.7.pdf

40. Section II 5.10.pdf

41. Section II, 4.7.pdf

42. Section X, 4.8.pdf

43. Section II 4.7.pdf

44. Section II 4.7.pdf

45. Section X 4.8.pdf

46. Section II 4.7.pdf

Below are the above rule changes compiled into 5 parts:

PART A - Rule Change Proposals
PART B - Rule Change Proposals
PART C - Rule Change Proposals
PART D - Rule Change Proposals
PART E - Rule Change Proposals