New Mandates Regarding ELD and CDL - How Will It Effect You?

With new mandates going into effect December 18, 2017 - We wanted to keep you informed on how it effects those of you who transport your horses and ponies.

Here is an article regarding the legislation from Horse Nationfrom November 29 

Bill Moroney, CEO of US Equestrian, has been in communications with the American Horse Council (AHC) regarding the enforcement of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) and Commercial Driver's License (CDL) requirements. The AHC is working with other agencies in an effort to obtain exemptions for equine activities and a delay on enforcement for a year for the ELDs.

The AHC has provided the following brochures to inform horse owners on how it might effect them. Because enforcement is at the state level and requirements may vary, the AHC recommends that people direct questions to the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Office of their local State Police Department (Not 911). 

You may also contact Cliff Williamson at the AHC by phone: (202) 737-7324. 

ELD Mandate Brochure 2017

CDL Brochure