NOTE: This program is currently being evaluated and may change in the future. Please check back often for updates.

This program was established for those amateurs that are members of the ASPC/AMHR/ASPR but don't have a desire to be in a show ring. It allows those amateurs to exhibit their Shetlands and Miniatures thru other venues and earn their amateur awards including an amateur jacket as a Supreme Amateur in the Amateur Companion/Excellence program. To participate, you must hold a current Amateur card and the Shetland and Miniatures must be registered with the ASPC/AMHR. The member must hold a current Amateur card when they are doing the activity, you CANNOT obtain an amateur card at the end of the year and expect the activity to count.

There are two opportunities to the program:
The Amateur Excellence can be used with multiple registered horses or just one horse, but all must be owned by the same member in good standing with a current amateur card.

The awards and points will be cumulative. The points are perpetual, not annual and can be won multiple times. It might take more than one year to accumulate your points, that is fine - they will keep accumulating until you have earned 500 points. This program focuses on our members involvement in community service. Download Amateur Excellence Program Form

The second opportunitiy is for one horse/one owner:
The same points are used but there is only one Companion Horse award. This award is for one horse achieving 500 points. you will receive a monogrammed jacket honoring your achievement with your name, horse's name, year completed and the organization logo. Download Amateur Companion Horse Form

Visit American Driving Society for CDE/VSE events you can participate in with your ASPC/AMHR registered horses. You must hold a current amateur card at the time of the event.

Electronic submissions of paperwork will be accepted. The records must be kept on paper only and your forms MUST be signed by the event sponsor and emailed or sent through the US mail. A copy of your amateur card MUST be enclosed with your paperwork. All submitted paperwork must be postmarked or received by December 31st of current show season. All awards will be ordered and shipped to each member at the beginning of the next show season.

Please submit forms to the home office: ASPC, Inc. - ATTN: Tina Byers, 81B E. Queenwood Rd, Morton, IL, 61550.

For questions, contact:
Ms. Janice Bryant - 2016 McFarland Ave., Rossville, GA, 30741. 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    423-243-8447

Click Here for List of Activities and Points Earned for Each

Please take advantage of these wonderful awards and have fun with your ponies and minis!

NOTE: This program is currently being evaluated and may change in the future. Please check back often for updates.

ALL Participants must hold a VALID ASPC/AMHR/ASPR Amateur Card at the time of participation in the event or activity. The forms must be filled out and properly signed by the coordinator, show manager, club officer, or supervisor. The form cannot be signed by the individual program participant. Forms are to be submitted with a total at the end of the program or as the levels are reached between December 1 and December 31 of each year.

Award Levels:
500 Points - Embroidered Jacket with tricolor logo for one horse or designated program logo
250 Points - Large duffel bag or soft sided computer case
Journal Article - Only one article per amateur when 500 points have been reached

The following is a list of activities that you may participate in with your registered pony or miniature horse to receive recognition. You must participate in a minimum of three different categories.

Community Service - 10 Points
Convalescent Visits to nursing homes, children's homes, hospitals, etc.
School Demonstrations
Tree Lighting Ceremonies

Club/Group Activity - 10 Points
Trail Rides
Trails Drvies
Fun Shows

4 H/Church Youth Groups/Girl Scouts (youth) - 15 Points Per Horse
This is for ANY horses-donated event - the use of your horse is donated to a youth program.

Team Competition - 10 Points
Precision Drills

Exhibitions - 10 Points Per Horse
County Fairs
Breed Showcase Events

Open Shows - 5 Points Per Horse
Non-Sanctioned Only (Enclose a class sheet with specified miniature or Shetland pony classes)
20 points bonus for entire show

Local Breed Sanctioned Shows - 3 Points Per Horse
Local Clubs Shows Only
(Not including Area and National Shows)

Media Coverage - 10 Points (excludes Journal publications)
TV Broadcast
Newspaper Articles
Billboard (not paid for)
Magazine Articles

Parades - 5 Points Per Horse/10 Pts Per Driving Horse/10 Pts Per Costume
Spring Events
Veterans Day

ADS Carriage Driving Events
NOTE: No points for elimination, withdrawal or retire

CDE (Carriage Driving Events) - 10 Points

Horse Driving Trials - 10 Points

Arena Driving - 10 Points

Pleasure Classes - 10 Points

Miscellaneous Drives - 5 Points
Traditional Day of Driving
Sleigh Rallies

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