Audrey Barrett Classic Shetland Youth Award

Sponsored by ASPC, Inc., Youth Committee

Award Description:
This award was started by the late Audrey Barrett, of Arenosa Pony Farm. Youth must show a registered Classic Shetland Pony at officially rated shows to qualify. There are 16 possible awards presented each year - one in each of two age groups in each of teh eight areas. Age groups are 12 & under and 13 to 17. Winners will be selected based on the essay submitted. Winners will be contacted by the Youth Committee Member in charge of Awards and an award will be presented at the National Convention during the Saturday Morning Hall of Fame Breakfast. If the winners(s) are unable to attend, the award will be shipped to them.

How to Apply:
Submit a brief biography along wtih the application form on or before June 1. The cover sheet and application form should be completed in its entirety and all required information included or application will be considered null and void.