AMHR Youth COOL Showman of the Year

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ASPC/AMHR Adult COOL Showman of the Year Point Tabulation Worksheet

Award Description:
Created for the AMHR Youth COOL classes. Points to be tabulated from Cool classes offered at sanctioned AMHR shows. If no youth COOL classes are offered, Open COOL classes may be used to establish points. The youth must show the horse for the points to count towards this award. Youth does not have to show the same horse in every class. There will be one award per year. Award is a jacket embroidered with the winner's name, the year and the AMHR COOL Youth Showman of the Year. The winner may choose the color and size of the jacket. In the case of a tie, the winners will receive identical awards.

How to Apply:
Submit completed tabulation sheet along wtih a Cover Sheet to the American Shetland Pony Club, Inc., national office - ATTN: Youth. Must be postmarked (or electronically sent) on or before December 31st. Applicants are responsible for recording the classes entered and the placing earned on the tabulation sheet. All placings will be verified with the official show results from the National Office.

NOTE: COOL stands for Conquering Obstacles Overcoming Limitations (formally the PMC- Physically and Mentally Challenged classes)