Youth Horse Companion Program Activities and Points

The following Activities/Events can be used for this program are below but are not limited to (see below for further explanation). Please turn in with Youth Award Application Form, Tabulation Sheet and any other forms required.

Activities Worth 3 points each:

Parade (walking)
Fun Shows (shows where no National Points can be earned)
School Demonstrations
TV Broadcast
Newspaper Articles
Magazine Articles (non – ASPC/AMHR/ASPR publications)
Club Group Activities (attend clinics, seminars, etc.)
Other activities (please specify on Worksheet or call Chairperson)

Activities Worth 5 points each:

Parade (driving or riding)
Exhibition at County or State Fairs 
Breed Showcase Events (Equine Fairs)
Convalescent Visits (nursing homes, hospitals, children homes etc.)
CDE events
ADT events 

We understand that there are many other types of activities that may be included in earning points with the Program. You may add it to your point total worksheet and it will be up to the discretion of the Youth Committee to decide if the activity qualifies. If you have any questions on whether an activity qualifies and/or how many points it may earn, you may call the Youth Program Chairperson.

Levels of Achievement and Awards
Level I  - 50 Points Youth/Equine will receive a Certificate
Level II  - 125 Points Youth/Equine will receive a Plaque
Level III  - 200 Points Youth/Equine will receive an Award to be determined by Sponsor