Youth Essay Contest

Essay Contest 7 and Under

Attention Youth Ages 7 and Under! Due to a generous donation from Cherryville Farms, we have a Contest just for you! A beautiful Cherryville Pony will be given away to one youth age 7 and Under! 

We know actually "Writing Essays" might be a bit difficult to compete with the older kids. So we have created a worksheet instead! Please fill out worksheet below and make sure to include youth name and youth number in top right corner. 

Good luck! Winner will be announced at Nationals during Youth awards. Youth does not need to be present to win. Contest ends August 30. 

Youth Essay Contest 7 and Under

Essay Contest Ages 8 - 17yrs

Empathy...... is the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes. To show someone/something Love, Caring and Compassion? 

Choose 1 or more  Empathy Writing Prompt Below.....

1. How can we show Empathy to our ponies? 

2. Has your favorite pony ever showed you or someone else compassion, feelings or Love? 

3. Can horses  understand us and show us Love? If so, how?

4. Describe the " day in the life" of a show pony. (So from the ponies stand point of view. Using Empathy). 

Youth please remember there are NO wrong answers! These Essays are written from your ideas and imagination. Be creative! Please include your name, youth number and age in top right corner of your essay.

Good luck! A beautiful pony from Cherryvile Farms goes to our winner! Essay Contest ends August 30th, 2019.  Submission can be mailed to AMHR office attention Tina Byers.