Carriage Driving End of Year Award - New for 2018

An exciting addition to our growing carriage driving enthusiasts -
the ASPC/AMHR Carriage Year End High Point  Award!

There will be one award given to the Driver in the Shetland Division and one from the Miniature Division. Drivers will check Single or Multi on the End of the Year form. Enter all shows that you participated in 2018 including the ASPC Congress and the AMHR Miniature Nationals. On End of Year Form, list how you placed under each judge.   All Stars judging points are used: National Area Shows are 3 sets of points, both Congress and Nationals are 5 (refer to Rulebook regarding National Shows). You can attach a copy of your horse’s performance record to your form as well.

Award will be at the discretion of the ASPC/AMHR Carriage Committee.

The following point system will be used to figure the End of Year Award since both Congress and the AMHR Nationals place to 10th place:

1st  place  - 10 points

2nd  place - 9 points
3rd  place - 8 points
4th  place - 7 points
5th  place - 6 points
6th  place -  5 points
7th  place -  4 points
8th  place - 3 points
9th  place - 2 points
10th place - 1 point          

For questions or clarification, please contact the Carriage Driving Committee.

Download Carriage Driving Year End High Point Award Form