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The Amateur Committee is an incredibly active committee with a lot of interaction. Our goal is to be positive and transparent. We feel that the Youth are our future, but the Amateurs are our Present and we need to actively make our Amateur Program better each and every year. We are actively pursuing sponsors for additional awards and for additional facets to the program. If interested, please contact an amateur committee member to find out more. We will be adding an All Around Amateur Award at both AMHR Nationals and ASPC/ASPR Congress.

Good luck and have fun this year!!!

Amateur Rules & Requirements


2021 Supreme Amateur - Shetland Division
Kelsey Kleve - Michigan's Green Machine


2021 Supreme Amateur - Miniature Division
Leeann Sticker - Aloha Acres Dancing In The Lite


In an effort to encourage involvement with small equine, a number of special awards are presented to Amateur members.

Please Note: Amateurs MUST BE an amateur member of the ASPC/AMHR/ASPR to participate in Amateur Programs or to be eligible for amateur awards.

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