Premier Sale

October 14-15, 2022
National Equestrian Center
Lake St. Louis, MO  

Hilton Garden Inn
2310 Technology Drive
O'Fallon, MO

STS Builders Definite Maybe

Foaling Date - 3/16/2022 (Mare)
Sire - Wa-Full Unique Bob-The-Builder (HOF)
Dam - Martin's Mardi Gra's Minuet In May (HOF)

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STS Built on Love 
Foaling Date - 4/18/2022 (Mare)
Information Coming Soon

Eye Candy.jpg

Bandidos She's Eye Candy 

Foaling Date - 4/21/2014 (Mare)
Sire - Filipowicz's That's All Foulks (HOF)
Dam - Van-Lo's Hard On The Hart

Rhapsody's Got My Socks
Foaling Date - 7.20.2018 (Gelding)
Sire - Rhapsodys Rock E Memphis Celebrity (HOF)
Dam - Katy OWF

Afternoon Delight KingsMajesticLady 
Foaling Date - 4.14.19 (Mare)
Sire - Columbia Dandy King (HOF)
Dam - The Kids My Bay Lady

Columbia Dandy King (HOF)
Foaling Date - 4.26.2007 (Stallion)
Sire - Grosshills Night Rhythm
Dam - RHR Charros Melody of Arenosa

Vermilyea Farms Black Python 
Foaling Date - 4.15.2013 (Gelding)
Sire - Little Kings Byzantine Buck
Dam - MCC Robin Hoods Sensation

Afternoons Delight DandyKings Prince 
Foaling Date - 2.9.2017 (Gelding)
Sire - Columbia Dandy King (HOF)
Dam - The Kids My Bay Lady