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Premier Sale

October 14-15, 2022
National Equestrian Center
Lake St. Louis, MO  

Eye Candy.jpg

Bandidos She's Eye Candy 


Stock Sale.jpg

Buckeye WCF Grand N Gold


Cannon River's Royal Contessa

Definite Maybe.jpg

STS Builders Definite Maybe


LKF Excalibur's Alexis

Rhapsody's Got My Socks


Bondebouncinb Bullets Guns & Roses

Bondesbouncinb Bullets Gunnin4 Chix

River Wind's Southern Bell

Elk Creek Hot Off The Press


Vermilyea Farms Black Python 


Thank You To All for a Wonderful Premier Sale!

JK Dudley Do Right

Marystown Tammie Lama Ding Dong

L&J'S Moonlite Serenade

Rhapsody's White Chocolate Mocha

Marystown Spun Crazy 


Cross Country Love Is Alive


Cross Country Rosie


Wildfire's Farm Chocolate Sprinkles

Built on love.jpg

STS Built on Love


Rayvik Joco's Now & Forever


L&J'S Shez'A Dazzling Chic

Comferts Kachina


Afternoons Delight DandyKings Prince 


Columbia Dandy King (HOF)


Ozark Mtns Hot Fudge Huntress


Wildfire Farms Rhinestone Cowboy


Afternoon Delight KingsMajesticLady 


Wildfire's Chocolate Kiss

B Meyer Charl "E"s Gone Wild

Wrong Beer 

Wildfires Duke Nukem
Wildfire's Duke Ellington

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