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*Applications Must Be Received On Or Before September 1, 2024
*Scholarship Winner Will Be Announced At The 2024 National Convention
*Must Be A 2025 Graduating High School Senior
*Scholarship Will Be Paid Directly to Educational Institution 
(Approximately $6,200.00)

After 41 years of incredible memories, laughter, and shared passion, it’s with bittersweet emotions we say farewell to the Mid-America Miniature Horse Club (MAMHC). It’s been an amazing journey since its inception on February 20, 1983.


Reflecting on its beginnings, twenty visionary families gathered at Little King Farm, driven by a shared passion for the miniatures. Under the guidance of the club’s founder and first President, Marianne Eberth, along with Mick Sohngen (VP), Sandy McEvilly (Secretary), Bud King (Treasurer), and Phoebe Kerby (Head of Jr. Macs), MAMHC embarked on a mission. The club aimed to promote and educate others about the miniature horse, develop a show circuit in the tri-state area, and offer a platform for our members to qualify for the prestigious AMHA Nationals (now Worlds). Fun fact: before the club was organized, in order to attend an affiliated AMHA show, exhibitors would have to travel to Tennessee, Illinois, or lowa. 


Our club or members of the club organized and chaired three to four shows a year, including The Silver Jubilee and the Julep Cup (started by Michelle McQuade) at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. The Julep Cup grew into one of the country's most prestigious shows, a testament to the spirit and hard work of our members. 

But MAMHC's legacy is not just in the shows organized or the competitions won but in the community we built and the friendships we made. Over the years, we’ve seen some of the industry’s most iconic breeders come from our club and have watched our youth grow, achieve, and contribute, earning scholarships, and national titles, and becoming ambassadors of the miniature horse world.


As we close this chapter, I want to extend my deepest thanks to every member, past and present, for your dedication, passion, and contributions. Though MAMHC as a local club is concluding its journey, the memories we've shared and the impact we've had on the miniature horse community will endure.


After thoughtful consideration, our club voted to evenly allocate the remaining funds, estimated to be around ~$12,500 total, to be donated to the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) and The American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR). This contribution establishes two one-time scholarships to be awarded to high school students in 2025. 


In the unlikely event that one or neither organization receives any eligible applicants, the funds designated for the scholarships will be donated to the youth funds of AMHA and/or AMHR at the conclusion of 2025 in honor of MAMHC.


These scholarships aim to honor the legacy of MAMHC and contribute to the education and development of the next generation of enthusiasts within the American miniature horse community. We are grateful for both registries voting to accept these funds, contributing to a smooth and purposeful dissolution process for our club.

When I took over as VP for the late Ed Birchler (who we greatly miss), I didn’t see myself becoming President of what was once the largest miniature horse club in the country, and I certainly didn’t see myself having to be at the helm when it dissolved. BUT all good things must come to an end. I feel incredibly fortunate to have grown up in this club and will never forget the thrill of showing at the Horse Park. It was nothing short of magical. Cheers to MAMHC and to the youth whose door could open as ours closes. 

Congratulations 2023 Youth Champions

ASPC Youth/Pony of the Year
Sponsored by Jill Gleason

AMHR Youth/Horse of the Year (Division A)
Sponsored by Outlaw Miniatures

AMHR Youth/Horse of the Year (Division B)
Sponsored by Outlaw Miniatures

The lessons learned from owning a Shetland Pony or miniature horse are enriching. From building confidence and exhibiting good sportsmanship to making life-long friends, the American Shetland Pony Club, Inc. provides opportunities for youth to experience the variety of options available to them in a fun, educational environment.

 If you are a new or returning Youth to our program, we wish you a great year ahead. Click on each heading below for more information on the list of scholarships and awards. Easily print the information and forms you need. Please note the deadlines for scholarships and awards as well as cover sheets and tabulation sheets that might be necessary. You may contact us to have the forms mailed to you.

Also see Youth Forms for more information on these and other opportunities. Any time during the year that you may have questions, don't hesitate to contact any of the Youth Committee Members. Membership is FREE to all eligible youths (see Rulebook for specifics). All award submissions may be sent electronically to the home office: or mailed:

American Shetland Pony Club Inc., Youth Awards 81-B E. Queenwood Road, Morton, IL 61550. 


ASPC/ASPR Congress Youth Contests & Awards
Youth Sportsmanship Award - Sponsored by ASPC/AMHR/ASPR
Congress High Point Youth Award
Youth Committee Junior Youth High Point Awards
Junior Judging Program
Coloring Contest
Congress COOL Youth High Point Award


AMHR Nationals Youth Contests & Awards
  Youth Sportsmanship Award - Sponsored by ASPC/AMHR/ASPR
  Youth High Point Champion
  Reserve Youth High Point Champion
  Nationals COOL Youth High Point Award
  Junior Judging Program
  Youth Teams
  Coloring Contest


Sponsored by Excaliber Stables, Jason & Brenda Prince


Youth High Point - Area and Regional Shows
Youth "End of Year" High Point Award

*Awards Are Pony Bucks


Sr. Royalty Application

Jr. Royalty Application


June 1 Application Deadline - Scholarships & Awards
  ASPC Scholarship
  AMHR Scholarship
  ASPR Scholarship

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