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Pony Bucks

Pony Bucks make great gifts

Q: Who can earn pony bucks?
A: Anyone who is a current member of the ASPC Inc. Not a member? 
Click here to become member

Q: What can Pony Bucks be used for?
A: Pony Bucks can be used for merchandise, membership, registry work, with the ASPC Inc.  They can also be used at the vendors listed below.

Q: Do my Pony Bucks expire?
A: Pony Bucks do not expire.  Save them or spend them as you earn them.

Q: What if I spend less than I have?
A: This is up to the business/individual whom you are redeeming the Pony Bucks with.

Please treat this card like cash; it is not replaceable if lost, stolen or if used without authorization.
Vendors Accepting Pony Bucks

Click on logo for additional information on each vendor

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