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Pony Bucks

Pony Bucks make great gifts

Q: Who can earn pony bucks?
A: Anyone who is a current member of the ASPC Inc. Not a member? 
Click here to become member

Q: What can Pony Bucks be used for?
A: Pony Bucks can be used for merchandise, membership, registry work, with the ASPC Inc.  They can also be used at the vendors listed below.  Pony Bucks must be sent in to be redeemed.  Copies will not be accepted.

Q: Do my Pony Bucks expire?
A: Pony Bucks do not expire.  Save them or spend them as you earn them.

Q: What if I spend less than I have?
A: This is up to the business/individual whom you are redeeming the Pony Bucks with.

Please treat this card like cash; it is not replaceable if lost, stolen or if used without authorization.
Vendors Accepting Pony Bucks

Click on logo for additional information on each vendor

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