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AMHR Futurity

The AMHR Futurity is a breeding program designed to promote and encourage a breeder to breed the best quality miniature show horse possible by selecting correct mares and using stallions to compliment the mares. You must be a current member in good standing to enter the futurity. The AMHR Futurity is a 4 year program (Weanling, Yearling, 2 year old and 3 year old).

AMHR Futurity Guidelines

The following guidelines are intended to furnish general information to the prospective Futurity participant. Instructions not specifically covered here can be obtained by calling the office at 309-263-4044 and asking for the Futurity Department.

You must be a current member in good standing to enter the Futurity.

Foals Must be Registered by Nov 1st of the Foaling Year.


  • Animals must be registered AMHR

  • Animals must be within the size limitations (38" & under)

  • Mares must be 3 years old at date of foaling

  • Stallions must be 2 years old to breed


  • Nomination forms must be completed & postmarked on or before March 1st.  (Regular mail or e-mail with credit card information)

  • Foals become eligible if the Sire & Dam were nominated in the Foaling year.

  • Stallion Nominating Fee = $35.00.

  • Mare Nominating Fee = $20.00

  • A Stallion may breed outside Mares, yet the fee is only paid once

Sustaining Procedure

A foal, whose parents were nominated in the foaling year, must be sustained as a Yearling, Two Year Old and Three Year Old in order to remain in the Futurity program for the duration of the futurity.  Failure to sustain the animal in any year will eliminate its eligibility.  (Starting in 2016. If parents were originally nominated and the owner neglected to sustain, that foal may be re-entered in the futurity by paying a late fee of $100.00 each year missed and the back sustaining fees)* Late sustaining must be postmarked on or before June 1st in order to participate in current year futurity.

Due date is March 1st.

  • Yearling Sustaining Fee = $20.00

  • Two Year Old Sustaining Fee = $20.00

  • Three Year Old Sustaining Fee = $30.00

All Sustaining years can be prepaid if so desired.   

Class Entry Fees

Entry fees are added to the Futurity pay out each year

  • Weanling $20.00

  • Yearling $20.00

  • 2 year old $20.00

  • 3 year old $30.00 per class entered

Class entry fees are only paid if the animal is entered into a class. Failure to enter in a particular year DOES NOT eliminate the animal from showing the next year, provided the animal has been sustained on a continued basis each year. Miniatures show at the AMHR National Show.

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