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National Sport Performance Pony...
If A Little More Pony Is What You're Looking For!

The newest small equine recognized by the American Shetland Pony Club is the National Sport Performance Pony.   ASPC established the National Sport Performance Pony Registry in 2003 to allow small equine fanciers a chance to use their Shetlands or Miniatures to breed hardy sport-type ponies.  Although the original goals for NSPPR often centered on creating sporty riding ponies, today’s small NSPPR contingent is another versatile small equine option.

The National Sport Performance Pony Registry (NSPPR) requires to have one purebred Shetland or Miniature parent while the other can be ANY breed or cross. That means one parent has to be a registered and DNA’d American Shetland Pony or American Miniature Horse.

NSPPR animals can measure up to a full 14.2 hands at the wither. National Sport Performance Ponies are often used under saddle in hunter or western classes including hunter hack and jumping classes at the Congress. The National Sport Performance Pony division allows youth and small adults to enjoy riding a pony with Shetland attributes longer than they can with a traditional American Shetland.

More recently, NSPPR driving has been integrated into Shetland Pony shows. National Sport Performance Ponies are often used in carriage performance classes, CDE competitions and ADT trials.

In 2012, Performance Halter, Showmanship, In Hand Trail, and Longe Line Classes were added for the National Sport Performance Ponies.

For those already involved in the ASPC and AMHR, the NSPPR provides the only registry where a cross between a Shetland-only and Miniature-only animal is recognized.

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