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Sue Price Creativity Contest

This program provides an opportunity for organization members to compete for awards outside of and independent of the showring. Participants must be a current member of the American Shetland Pony Club, Inc. and must be non-professional artists.

Entries must feature at least one Shetland Pony, Miniature Horse or American Show Pony.

Age categories for competition include: Adult; Youth age 13-17; and Youth 7-12. 

Categories include: 

  1. Artwork - black & white (pen & ink, charcoal, pencil)

  2. Artwork - color (colored pencil, acrylic, watercolors)

  3. Artwork - fabric (wall hanging, attire, etc)

  4. Artwork - miscellaneous

  5. Photography - black & white

  6. Photography - color

  7. Literary - short story or poem


Contest is held at each National Convention with entries on display throughout the event. Prizes will awarded and may vary from year to year depending on budget. Contact the National Office at 309-263-4044 for more details.

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